Monday, December 29, 2008

Human bound

We separate our souls out of our bodies.
we live like animal, primal instincts.
tough we can use ours souls.
we choose not to.
we are people.

compassion ,sweat and horrors can bound us.
we can feel your touch in the space between us.
walk in an empty space and feel your being watched.
feeding from the ground.
human beings we are.

Friday, September 19, 2008

10 to 10

Two and a half weeks ago, i finally bought a PS3.
I allready had a game with me that I've got from Capcom (Devil May Cry 4) so when I bought it I just got the system.
Devil May Cry 4 is an O.k. Game nothing more if you can rent it its worth playing the graphics looks great and the and game play is fun... but the game length is really short and you could end in easily in 5-6 hours.

The two games I really wanna talk about are GTA4 (I got it Yesterday) and Metal gear solid 4 (I got it two days ago).
I played all of both games older games, and when they got out i was blown from the reviews. they both got 10. so i had to get them two 10 scored games for my system.

First I am going to talk about Metal Gear Solid 4.
This game has out done it self in all aspects, The graphics are eye poping and looks so crisp and sharp and they are Native Full HD (1920x1080) the details for each charecter is extrodinary.

o.k. so the graphics looks great but what about game play and all these cuts scenes, well i'll tell you, this is one of the best games i played. the game can be slow stealth and intence, but it can easly jump so fast action, the game feel amazingly realistic and every shot responce like the real thing. The changes from stealth game to action games just feels right in the spot and you feel like this was missed in the last MGS games. it true that the game has alot cut scenes but its doesnt feels like there is more cuts scenes then game and the cuts scenes are very well done like the game it self and very fun to watch. some times you get to the point when you are given too much Sci-fi information along weird slideshows and you are thinking to your self... "Not again".
but thats just it. the game has it Funny/action/Romantic/Sci-Fi moments the game is really rich in content and not SHORT like most of the games i played recently this game is truly Next Gen.
The come comes with online option to keep that game in your PS3 for long.
Defently a 10...

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Marvel Comics website hold new Super Hero Creator.
Its fun but i managed to pull out an illigal super hero:
Pedophile Man


Monday, July 7, 2008

Holding on your self

hold on
keep it next to you
cause some day you'll lose it

you'll really going to lose it
and you'll forget who you were

"hold on you really got a good thing going" - David Bowie/ Hang On To Yourself

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Final fantasy VII : Core Crisis

This game is happen to be a great game, after playing FFVII when i was just a kid (14) and now as a 23 years old i bought the PSP only because of this game.

the story line is amazing, the graphics are state of the art for the PSP console.
and my god the the videos...

all though the game is not a full scale RPG like the original FFVII the game is a bit action like, the battles are massive and intense.
When i mean that the game is no full scale RPG i mean it by.

there are a verity of Material and item to collect you can even synth new materials... but it doesnt feel like your really need it except the Fire/Ice/Thunder/Cure all the other Materials seem pointless.

The level system is awkward there a little slot machine the allways runs in the background when you fight, the are too things in that slot machine: Faces and Numbers.
the faces are different collection of limit brakes ( a special strike or magic) and the number are for leveling up
for example
if you get 777 you will gain a character level.
when there are combination like 223 115 556 your equiped materia will level up... yea its weird but its kida fun.(feels like vegas!)

The item system feels limited There are no items like Swords only shields armlets etc. and you dont get to see them on the character.

there are no world exploration! its feels like your in a platform game and moving on from level to level. the only thing you get to explore is the Missions, as a shinra solider you can get access to mission that way you can level up like when you used to walk around the world in FFVII.
its a convenient system tough, it gives the game a pick n play option since the mission are max 5 min to a mission.

the story of the game take place before what you know in FFVII this you play as a solider in Shinra co. and this time you get to discover all about the life stream and macko energy.

the game is set like that even if you never played FFVII you'll get into it in no time. the game have this fantasy cyberpunk feeling.
great sound track with some new track and original mixed track from the FFVII.

this is the first game i played on my PSP and I all really believe this one of the best games i ever played

Other toughs:
I feel like this game is mixture between Kingdom hearts and FFVII.
The game is too easy on normal mode and that makes the missions pointless.
Spoiler - the end of the ending is really cheese with the Japanese song in the background well .

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

drawing from train

I have one hour ride each way to work ... when i am not playing the Nintendo DS that's what i do

Saturday, May 3, 2008

a Month with a Nintendo DS

I have got the old Nintendo DS a month ago.
i was told that the NDS have a huge amount of games, 90% of these games are made for kids, but the system is can easly add hours of enjoyment to your life even when your not a kid.
some of my friends that have a DS long time ago bought the system and played once or twice and left it because it just felt too childish.

I have decided to build up a list of games for the NDS that mature gamers would enjoy

1. Tetris DS
Nothing beats Tetris, it the ultimate casual game... it the game that made casual gaming industry but the Tetris DS doesn't end with clearing lines and breaking you own high score, Tetris DS is full of different tetris game verities from the Classic tetris to tetris puzzles and mission.
And the best is that its got Internet Mutiplayer and you can build up your world rank and become a tetris champion.

2. New Super Mario Bros

Well there is nothing much to say about this game...
you'll all ways want to play a new super mario.
and the game match the mario standards you'll love it, I love it its a must with a NDS System

3. Castlevania - Dawn of Sarrow

Can you remmber the first time you had to explore Dracula castle and beat up monsters?
well even you haven't played and past castlevania games
you will not regret playing this game
this game lets you explore another Dracula castle... but now the graphics are detailed more then ever.
The games insures hours of explore and soul collection weapon upgrades and secret passages.
the game graphics is simply great and smooth animation, slashing a zombie was never that fan.
the game is gory and not for kids...
4. Advance wars : Days of rune

This is a turn based strategy game.
the game story happens after a great astroid strikes the earth and kill most of the humans on earth. the earth is now lead by anarchy and chaos.
you'll need to lead a group of a small army that believe that there is still hope for the human race
the game is really challenging and you'll work your mind like in a chess game.
the amazing feature is the Internet multiplayer, there is a big community that plays this game world wide and you'll have to build up your rank.

5. Ninja Gaiden DS

Ninja gaiden is all so a game serias that goes way back and started at the NES.
but this game not like previews Ninja gaiden games, innovates a new gaming experience thanks to the DS touch screen, with the stylus you get the feeling that you are actually holding the sword and slashing the monsters with various attack patterns.
the game design is great and a little bit nostalgic with his pre-rendered background it kinda send you back to those old PSX games.

6. Professor Layton

When you first open the game and fallow the opening scene the game looks very childish.
Its a puzzle game and its really challenging one.
with a nice story line to fallow and some mind blowing puzzles (math and logic).

7. Kirby Canvas Curse
This is really a kids game, kids theme... very colorfully cute characters and when you start playing the game you think... "why have i bought this game" after playing with the game more then 10 min the game acctually pretty good and challenging and very innovating... using the stylus to help kirby move from stage to stage.
the game is fun and very hard at the same time
If your looking for a new side scroller it just might be it.

8. Brain age 2

This is one of the first games i tried for the DS... the game is pretty fun and doesn't take alot of time... you just have to practice a minute per day but you find your self coming back to try different challenges that the game offers. it a unique game for the DS and its a must have like the tetris DS.

9. Mario Kart

Do i need to say more???
if you haven't played mario kart in the SNES your a gaming sinner
this game is absolutely fun with awasome graphics, Internet multiplayer option... alot of tracks and game modes

what more can you ask?!

10. Race Driver Create and Race

This game was actually a surprise for me... a serious racing game in a small handheld screen.
doesn't sounds that promising
well the game actually does the job. its a fun game and very good... the graphics is nice and nicely done

you have a long single player mode to beat and many game options to open.

i hope that in the near future i'll build up a list for the Sony PSP

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Feel rebuilted, the air, the darkness, can feel more freed. I have seen too many images, information. For one thing sure a lot of has been taken away from me, but I have got something new.

=some thing is tingling my back=

=I feel it, they have been feeding me again=

=I feel the thing is moving=

=I am knocking on the walls=

Damn its thick, I hear nothing I can just feel. This hole thing is been chaotic.

= I have to settle this down=

=I looking for a door crack with my hands=

Damn nothing its feel like polished steel.

=I am looking for a corner=

O.k. if it's moving its probably have to reach some where… Man this thing has started from my mind I was dreaming about these weird images, and I woke up to the dream. But I feel more a live then in … that dream or is it, ah! What can be real now?! This is too damn big I can't process it. I used to have a life job wife kids, it's all vanished or I had hitting in a car accident, and woke up somewhere else. I can't remember how this whole thing has started. These houses, these cables man this is all just… inhuman. What do they need us for… alive and damn they were in good shape even me.

= I feel it slowing down=

=I can see bright light is starting to build from to parallel lines and one horizontal to them connecting them, it slides downwards. My eyes are adjusting to the light and I am starting to get a clear image =

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I feel so heavy, this is to heavy on me.
my mind is aching and scream.

this is have to be a fiction it not true.

=I am fading away=

I cant fall now

=I am hungry=
=My legs have cant hold my waight=
=they are all seem so healthy=

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Figure it out

All the people are wired up.
These cables and these poles.

They all transfer the information.

i got to figure this one out