Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Feel rebuilted, the air, the darkness, can feel more freed. I have seen too many images, information. For one thing sure a lot of has been taken away from me, but I have got something new.

=some thing is tingling my back=

=I feel it, they have been feeding me again=

=I feel the thing is moving=

=I am knocking on the walls=

Damn its thick, I hear nothing I can just feel. This hole thing is been chaotic.

= I have to settle this down=

=I looking for a door crack with my hands=

Damn nothing its feel like polished steel.

=I am looking for a corner=

O.k. if it's moving its probably have to reach some where… Man this thing has started from my mind I was dreaming about these weird images, and I woke up to the dream. But I feel more a live then in … that dream or is it, ah! What can be real now?! This is too damn big I can't process it. I used to have a life job wife kids, it's all vanished or I had hitting in a car accident, and woke up somewhere else. I can't remember how this whole thing has started. These houses, these cables man this is all just… inhuman. What do they need us for… alive and damn they were in good shape even me.

= I feel it slowing down=

=I can see bright light is starting to build from to parallel lines and one horizontal to them connecting them, it slides downwards. My eyes are adjusting to the light and I am starting to get a clear image =

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I feel so heavy, this is to heavy on me.
my mind is aching and scream.

this is have to be a fiction it not true.

=I am fading away=

I cant fall now

=I am hungry=
=My legs have cant hold my waight=
=they are all seem so healthy=