Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Final fantasy VII : Core Crisis

This game is happen to be a great game, after playing FFVII when i was just a kid (14) and now as a 23 years old i bought the PSP only because of this game.

the story line is amazing, the graphics are state of the art for the PSP console.
and my god the the videos...

all though the game is not a full scale RPG like the original FFVII the game is a bit action like, the battles are massive and intense.
When i mean that the game is no full scale RPG i mean it by.

there are a verity of Material and item to collect you can even synth new materials... but it doesnt feel like your really need it except the Fire/Ice/Thunder/Cure all the other Materials seem pointless.

The level system is awkward there a little slot machine the allways runs in the background when you fight, the are too things in that slot machine: Faces and Numbers.
the faces are different collection of limit brakes ( a special strike or magic) and the number are for leveling up
for example
if you get 777 you will gain a character level.
when there are combination like 223 115 556 your equiped materia will level up... yea its weird but its kida fun.(feels like vegas!)

The item system feels limited There are no items like Swords only shields armlets etc. and you dont get to see them on the character.

there are no world exploration! its feels like your in a platform game and moving on from level to level. the only thing you get to explore is the Missions, as a shinra solider you can get access to mission that way you can level up like when you used to walk around the world in FFVII.
its a convenient system tough, it gives the game a pick n play option since the mission are max 5 min to a mission.

the story of the game take place before what you know in FFVII this you play as a solider in Shinra co. and this time you get to discover all about the life stream and macko energy.

the game is set like that even if you never played FFVII you'll get into it in no time. the game have this fantasy cyberpunk feeling.
great sound track with some new track and original mixed track from the FFVII.

this is the first game i played on my PSP and I all really believe this one of the best games i ever played

Other toughs:
I feel like this game is mixture between Kingdom hearts and FFVII.
The game is too easy on normal mode and that makes the missions pointless.
Spoiler - the end of the ending is really cheese with the Japanese song in the background well .