Friday, September 19, 2008

10 to 10

Two and a half weeks ago, i finally bought a PS3.
I allready had a game with me that I've got from Capcom (Devil May Cry 4) so when I bought it I just got the system.
Devil May Cry 4 is an O.k. Game nothing more if you can rent it its worth playing the graphics looks great and the and game play is fun... but the game length is really short and you could end in easily in 5-6 hours.

The two games I really wanna talk about are GTA4 (I got it Yesterday) and Metal gear solid 4 (I got it two days ago).
I played all of both games older games, and when they got out i was blown from the reviews. they both got 10. so i had to get them two 10 scored games for my system.

First I am going to talk about Metal Gear Solid 4.
This game has out done it self in all aspects, The graphics are eye poping and looks so crisp and sharp and they are Native Full HD (1920x1080) the details for each charecter is extrodinary.

o.k. so the graphics looks great but what about game play and all these cuts scenes, well i'll tell you, this is one of the best games i played. the game can be slow stealth and intence, but it can easly jump so fast action, the game feel amazingly realistic and every shot responce like the real thing. The changes from stealth game to action games just feels right in the spot and you feel like this was missed in the last MGS games. it true that the game has alot cut scenes but its doesnt feels like there is more cuts scenes then game and the cuts scenes are very well done like the game it self and very fun to watch. some times you get to the point when you are given too much Sci-fi information along weird slideshows and you are thinking to your self... "Not again".
but thats just it. the game has it Funny/action/Romantic/Sci-Fi moments the game is really rich in content and not SHORT like most of the games i played recently this game is truly Next Gen.
The come comes with online option to keep that game in your PS3 for long.
Defently a 10...