Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Phase 1

I feel monitored.
I cannot do it!!!
Everybody is watching me.

All the cables are reaching
They dig inside of my flesh.
they change it to something else
I am getting materialized.

I cannot disconnect
its already pluged in deep
They have infiltrated,
My inner soul

I am been Sucked in to the unknown of society,
the visual flashes and sounds are too intense.

I cannot leave its behind, it wont come off my head
I can even feel the streams going back and forth in my head.

oceans of information.

i want to get out.

save me oh mighty one.
are you there?

he is never there
he got lost in the ocean of information

I have managed to find my self in the dark path.
The web caught me.

If i move and try to escape i'll get tangled.
They have all ready started

eaten my soul.

Seeing my home and i can even touch it.
I cannot enter, is it home?

probably just an image in my head

I had to cut the cables to set free.
I just want to get into my home!

They were all over me, I could smell my blood that used to stream in them.

They sucked the truth out of me.
and feed me with lies.

I feel revealed, I feel...


Pha this is what i wanted,
now i can feel the truth.
how did it happen?
maybe this is a dream?

it feels pretty real.
the air atoms are hitting my skin.
I can feel the coldness.
like it was something materialistic.

its feels more real then life!
My body is heavy.
I can taste the air.
and the smell...
I can't even describe it.

what do i do now?
My family!
are they real?


fucking 30 years of my life is a waste!
or am I 30 years old!?


I need a mirror.

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